Core Bryophyte Services

  • Bryophyte surveys, condition assessment and management advice for protected sites, including Common Standards Monitoring
  • Surveys of European Protected Bryophytes, especially Buxbaumia viridis (Green Shield-moss), Hamatocaulis vernicosus (Varnished Hook-moss), Marsupella profunda (Western Rustwort) and Petalophyllum ralfsii (Petalwort)
  • Bryophye survey, site assessment and mitigation advice for Environmental Impact Assessment and planning applications
  • Distribution and population status surveys of threatened bryophytes, including IUCN Red List assessments
  • Bryophyte surveys and site assessment for hydroelectric (HEP) schemes, especially the Oceanic Ravine Assemblage
  • Applied ecological research for bryophyte conservation, including hydroecology, taxonomy, DNA sequencing and diaspore bank analysis


“…a highly experienced and skilful bryologist, who combines exceptional field skills with the ability to produce clear, informative and well-illustrated reports in a timely manner…thoroughly recommended”
Dr Jonathan Cox, Plants Specialist, Natural England, read more
“…an impressive bryologist with a very professional approach and an intimate knowledge of the Atlantic bryophyte flora”
Doug Oliver, Senior Reserves Manager, Natural Resources Wales, read more
“…an expert consultant bryologist, highly professional and delivers on time…his survey reports are top notch…fully recommend”
Tim Wilkins, Lichen and Bryophyte Coordinator, Plantlife, read more
“…a pleasure to deal with – very professional and prompt communications, honest quotations, and above all an exceptionally good final product”
Dave Lamacraft, Lower Plants Officer, Plantlife Cymru, read more
“…what really made the difference was the added value advice on how to manage our land for the benefit of bryophytes and how every attempt was made to answer the detailed questions we asked”
Dave Anning, Site Manager, RSPB, read more
“…a pleasure to work with…excellent reports supported by comprehensive mapping and photography… conduct professional throughout”
Dr Caroline Uff, Property Ecologist, The National Trust, read more


Dr Des Callaghan, Consultant Bryologist
Dr Des Callaghan, Consultant Bryologist
Specialist in bryophyte consultancy, surveying and researching mosses, liverworts and hornworts at sites in England, Wales, Scotland and further afield.