The globally threatened Weissia multicapsularis is known from only five sites worldwide, four in Cornwall and one in South Wales. At Greeb Point, on the south coast of Cornwall, it has been monitored and habitat managed since 1998, funded by Natural England. The moss occupies bare soil patches in up to three hedge banks, but a monitoring visit in 2014 failed to find any plants, with coarse vegetation shading out any open soil (following a lack of habitat management in 2013). Clearance of vegetation in 2014 has resulted in a remarkably prompt return of the moss in 2015, back to a usual population level. It is still very rare here, totalling just 70 cm2, but appropriate management should ensure it survives in the short-term. Interestingly, the moss was also found in very small amounts in adjacent rough grassland, where badger activity had created some open patches of soil. The animals were thanked.